The New Generation of Longevity Products
LAIFE is an organ aging management from Boston


According to research data from the US CDC, over the past century, the development of modern medicine has extended the maximum lifespan of humans, but the proportion of healthy lifespan (healthspan) has not increased accordingly. On the contrary, the unhealthy habits of modern people have led to longer periods of suffering from illnesses.

Aiming to prevent aging like preventing disease, a group of Harvard graduates in Boston, known as a global life science hub, formed a research team driven by artificial intelligence and cloud computing. They successfully combined AI technology and biology to create LAIFE, fueled by a natural curiosity for life and health.

Our Team

The founding team of LAIFE all had experience in biotechnology and medical fields in Boston before the establishment of LAIFE Levon. The core management team members are from world-renowned universities and possess rich experience in technology research and development as well as commercialization.

Gavin Zhou

Chief Technology Officer

Harvard University

Robert Zhao

Chief Executive Officer

Babson College

Ringo Ye

Chief Brand Officer